US Army Vietnam Jungle M 64 Uniform Lt. Colonel Bill Kilgore costume

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The offer includes the complete outfit of the mannequin without sunglasses! Lieutenant... more
US Army Vietnam Jungle M 64 Uniform Lt. Colonel Bill Kilgore costume

The offer includes the complete outfit of the mannequin without sunglasses!

Lieutenant Colonel William "Bill" Kilgore's uniform set as worn in the film Apocalypse Now.
In the famous Hollywood success movie Robert Duvall played the legendary character Lt. Colonel Bill Kilgore as commander of the 1st Battalion of the 9th Airborne Brigade. The helicopter attack on the beach accompanied by Wagner's Ritt der Wallküren is probably unforgettable and unique in film history. The helicopters, the music from the Doors, and surfing helped the movie to its success.

Lomax Militaria has taken the trouble to reproduce exactly this uniform set. We were supported by our supplier from Thailand who flew to Vietnam to have the badges made "in country". Each badge is handmade and elaborately embroidered with the machine. As underlay for the embroideries an original US Army tent tarpaulin from that time was used.

The set consists of the following single badges from the movie Apocalypse Now:

#1x US Army Strip#1x
Kilgore Name Strip#1x
1st Cav Air Cavalry Arm Badge#1x Ranger
Writing Sheet#1x
Senior Pilot Badge#1x
South Vietnamese Springer Badge#1x CIB
combat infantry badge#1x
US Army Paratrooper Badge#1x
black clutch back Metal Badge for a Lt.

Colonel (Lieutenant Colonel)
#1x black crossed sabre as metal badge for belonging to the cavalry

The uniform consists of:
1x pair Jungle Boots1x
M64 fieldjacket sewn with badge1x
M64 trousers1x
cavalry hat with badge

Item condition: new, except hat

Material trousers and jacket: 100 % cotton

Hat with badge: used, one size approx. 59 cm

- 9-hole lacing -
Metal eyelets -
Panama sole = Ideal for swampy terrain with slanted cleats -
Reinforced heel

Upper: cowhide, polyurethane coated, water resistant; 100% polyester

Outsole material: Rubber
: Nylon, EVA (very high-quality, excellently insulated foam, keeps the foot dry and warm)

Important: Please let us know the desired sizes of the M64 field jacket, trousers and shoes via the size tab!

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