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WK2 British Red Cross bag with carrying strap paramedic - british first aid bag WK2 British Red Cross bag with carrying strap...

Original British gasmask bag, later provided with Red Cross sign for paramedics Partially stamped inside the lid and/or on the carrying strap WK2 With this offer you will receive 1x bag from the first picture, single pictures exemplary!...
€ 19.00 *
First Aid equipment First Aid equipment

Perfect for the Jeep, without contents, approx. 23x12x7cm. Metal box with rubber seal. Original army goods. We also offer the vehicle owner to match. Item condition: used, from army stock You will receive exactly the article shown!
€ 169.00 *
US Navy USN Medical Bag Combat Bag - Red Cross Paramedic Bag US Navy USN Medical Bag Combat Bag - Red Cross...

USN Medical Corpsman Bag with carrying strap 1x item Condition of article: new, reproduction
€ 35.00 *
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